Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bea familiarizing herself with the iBert seat

Bea rode on her iBert seat for the second time last weekend.  This time we biked past and beyond the block.  We went out of our neighborhood to buy sunday newspaper!
All set and ready to go!  This time no problem with wearing the helmet!

"Dad, what's taking you so long?"

"C'mon, Dad, you better get back here!"

Back at home with Dad's newspaper

When Bea's nervous or stressed, she sucks on her thumb.

Later that day, Bea and I went out again.  This time, we biked to the neighboring village and visited some relatives.

It doesn't look like you're enjoying, Bea

That's a little better

With cousin Luigi.

"Why don't you have a helmet?"

With Manang Nor.  Piper and Ron out.

Bea enjoyed our bike ride around the neighborhood.  She raised her hands and rocked forward and backward.  She also played with the bell and the gearshift.  And she didn't take off her helmet!  Whoopee!

Next time, I'll see if I can install the iBert seat on my Brompton folding bike.  I just have to put rubber or foam padding to avoid scratching the paint.

Some additional observations/comments on the iBert seat:

A.  The metal stinger sometimes goes off-center.  I don't know if I didn't screw it on tight enough (but the instructions said not to over-tighten), but the metal stinger loosened up.  As a result, the iBert seat swayed to the left while in transit.  I had to recenter the seat to the middle.

B.  The iBert seat rattles when there is no occupant.  I biked to the a Thai restaurant to get take-out for dinner without Bea and the iBert seat was noisy.  Since there was no baby, the seat just rattled all the way to my destination.  It was irritating.


  1. over here, the mommies buy the local made-in-china version of the iBert at the department stores. there are sizes available from tiny baby to large toddler. i haven't seen anyone use them on a brompton. usually only trailers (both tagalong and tandem) are attached to bromptons.

  2. Are you here in Manila? I don't see child bike seats in our department stores.

    I might buy a trailer and attach it to my Brompton.

  3. kris! diane from tsp! sorry, i was talking about singapore :P

  4. Ey, Diane! I didn't recognize your username! Thanks!

  5. Yes, the iBert rattles when there is no baby in it. But since they designed it to easily come off in 3 seconds by removing the pin, there's no reason you should have the seat on when not riding with the baby—just take the seat off and leave the stinger on (although it's a bit disconcerting having that thing pointed at your groin while riding, I'll admit).

  6. Guav, that is correct. I can just remove the iBert seat when my daughter is not riding. But the stinger does make me nervous (like it's a knife waiting for it to be lunged at me!).