Thursday, March 3, 2016

O Tukso Layuan Mo Ako

Oh my God, Brompton just launched its newest luggage collection. I'm such a sucker for Brompton products. I first got a folding basket. Then when the T-Bag became available, I snagged that one too. Later, I picked me up one of them Mini-O Bags. 

And now this! A new line of Brompton luggage!!!

They have a new line called 'Modern'. There's a tote bag, a roll top shoulder bag, a regular shoulder bag, and a saddle pouch. Of these, I fell in love with the brown waxed cotton roll top shoulder bag (shown above). It retails for £100 (or PhP6,650.00).

Brompton kept their 'Classic' line, but made minor improvements, and introduced new color trims and finishes. They also still have their 'Premium' line, but I didn't even care to browse them because they're all prohibitively expensive!

I'm really setting my sights on that brown waxed cotton roll top shoulder bag. Damn you, Will Butler Adams!

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