Monday, September 30, 2013

BCP 2nd Anniversary

BCP in Intramuros, Manila.
Brompton Club of the Philippines (BCP) recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary last September 7, 2013. And my, has the club grown! From merely 11 members back in 2011, BCP now has more than 100 members! It's 10 times the size it was 2 years ago!

I was lucky to be in Manila when the group celebrated this momentous occasion. I took out Brommie Skywalker from its case (haven't ridden it in months), inflated the tires, and took it for a spin around the neighborhood before going to Mall of Asia.
Look at all those Bromptons! Can you find Brommie Skywalker?
We assembled at SM MOA that Saturday morning. When those of us who could make it were complete (I counted 42 attendees), we biked south and headed for Intramuros.
We passed Macapagal Ave., through the CCP complex, then to the Baywalk along Roxas Blvd. Thank God, the weather cooperated that day.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the members. I do have a photo of the Bromptons. :)
We stopped in front of Kilometer 0 at Luneta Park for a group photo op. It was unfortunate that they were repairing the Rizal monument. the group photo would have been better taken there. From the park, BCP proceeded to Intramuros. We stopped in front of the Manila Cathedral for another group photo. And then for another one at the Presidents' Gallery on Sta. Lucia Street before we headed back to the ASEANA complex for lunch.
Here I am with Brommie Skywalker in front of the Pres. Marcos bronze tablet.
It's so nice to see the Brompton community grow bigger in the Philippines. Other than making new friends, when there's more of us riding these folding bikes, it increases the chances for us to be acknowledged on the streets and accepted in establishments. I hope that by this time next year, there will be twice as much, if not more.

Mabuhay ang BCP! May our tribe increase!


  1. Parang matataba ang mga brompton owners?

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