Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brompton Toolkit

This entry is delayed by more than four months since I got the Brompton Toolkit early this year. My apologies for this late post.
The Brompton Toolkit
In the past I carried my tools in the nylon saddle bag which came with the Brompton cover. As convenient as it is, the saddle bag did not fit well with the elegant design of a folded Brompton. To be honest, that bag was ugly.
So I was delighted when Brompton announce that it was coming out with a toolkit that fit inside the bike's main frame. How awesome was that?! So, just for the sake of having a toolkit concealable within the bike, I had to get one. Never mind if dozens of users complained about the flimsiness of the tire levers, nothing was going to stop me from owning this work of art.
As luck would have it a fellow BCP member bought extra from the U.S. He raffled them off in one of our rides last February. Unfortunately, I did not win the right to buy it. But fortunately, one of the winners noticed my disappointment and he offered his place. (Thanks, Eric!) I bought it for PhP 4,000 (approx. US$95.00). Nycewheels sells it for US$79.00.

The toolkit comes with the basic tools a cyclist needs: patches, sand paper, and a ratchet handle with phillips & flat head screwdrivers, as well as allen wrenches. I've used the screwdriver to install my rear light and the allen wrench to adjust my Brooks saddle.
The ratchet handle doubles as a socket wrench. Useful when you want to unscrew a wheel nut.
Finally, the toolkit comes with tire levers. Now I haven't had a flat since I bought the toolkit so I haven't used them, but there are reports and complaints that these levers are easily breakable. In fact according to Nycewheels, Brompton acknowledge this flaw and has suspended the sale of the toolkit until the company can strengthen the design of the tire lever. Anyway, the tire levers looked flimsy from the get-go. I wouldn't have used them if I had to. 

I still like the toolkit. I get to use the wrenches and the screwdrivers, so it's still useful to me. Plus, the design! It's beautiful! I don't regret buying this.


  1. hello sir! how's your brompton? i'm thinking of getting a sugimura pero nakakatakot ang mga humps at butas ng kalye papuntang trabaho. pati na rin yung mga paakyat na tatahakin.

    wala pa akong na-test ride na 16" pero nakapag-bike to work na ako with a junya.

    inisip kong mag-bike ng mas maliit para steady lang sa kalsada. kumusta po ang pagpadyak sa maliit na bike?

    1. Hi, Michael! Okay lang naman sa humps ang maliit ng gulong. Wag lang talaga sa butas kasi tatalsik ka. Riding small wheeled bike is the same as big wheel bike except the handling is a bit twitchy. Pero masasanay ka din. Kaya ang kalye. Good luck!