Friday, November 2, 2012

Knog Boomer Rechargeable Front LED Light

Recently bought a Knog Boomer USB Front Light (right)
I needed to replace my years old battery powered Cateye front light. But this time I wanted something that was rechargeable. I didn't care much about that I could see the road with it at night, no. What was more important for me was that I could be seen by others. So I wasn't interested with those powerful 200-300 lumen front lights, which are expensive by the way. I was out to look for a 100 lumen or less rechargeable front light for my Brompton.

My research on the net got me to narrow the choices down to the Blackburn Super Flea (or Flea) and the Knog Boomer. Both are less than 100 lumens (Super Flea at 80 and Boomer at 55) and rechargeable (via USB).

After comparing the two, based on user reviews and actual inspection, I decided to get the Knog Boomer. Here's why:

1. The Mount. While the Boomer uses its own stretchable silicone casing to attach to the handlebar, the Flea uses a velcro strap. Now I don't know about you but in my opinion velcro straps aren't effective grips on bikes, with all the rattling and all.They tend to loosen and come off.

2. The USB plug. The problem with the Flea is that it cannot charge directly to a computer. It comes with a separate USB plug that the light has to attach on to be able to charge. That attachment is tiny and could easily be lost by the owner. On the other hand, the Boomer's USB plug is on the light itself. All you need to do is remove the silicone casing and plug the Boomer to your computer's USB port. 
The Boomer in its box.
Silicone casing on the left. The LED light with USB on the right.
Just insert the LED light into the silicone casing and voila!
I tested the Boomer one night and it suits me fine. The LED light is bright enough for me to be seen by motorists and other commuters.

If you like the Flea, it is available in Velocity over at Cartimar and Sabak Makati along Pasong Tamo Ext. The Super Flea is 80 lumens and retails at around P1,800.00 while the Flea is 40 lumens and sells for around P1,000.00. The Super Flea only comes in one color, silver. The Flea comes in a range of colors including black, white, silver, red and blue.

If you're interested with the Boomer USB, I got mine at Bike King in Bonifacio High Street. It is 55 lumens and cost me P1,300.00. The silicon casing comes in black, blue, red, white and translucent colors.

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