Monday, October 29, 2012

Video: Bikeceloning

A Barcelona bike shop rents out its Bromptons bicycles for touring the city. They call it Bikeceloning. Props for the catchy name. The video is eye candy (How hot is it in Barcelona that women have to wear that super short denim shorts?! Where are those ladies in Manila?). Anyway, going back to the video, I like that Barcelona has dedicated bike lanes in the middle of its main streets.


  1. Hi Kris! You have a great blog here. I spent the last two hours just reading through it. I'm very interested in getting a folding bike as my first bike to own. Like you, foldies just fit my on-the-go lifestyle a lot better.

    I have a specific model in mind already, though. I really want the Tern Joe D24. Why Tern? Their company philosophy is one I agree with more than Dahon's. Why the Joe? I intend to go off-road from time to time and the 26" wheels are better suited for that.

    Would you know if any dealer stocks this locally yet? I've seen a lot of Link C7's around, at ROX and Glorious Rides, but no Joe's. I figure you're the best person to ask about this, and I hope you can help me get started cycling. :) I can leave you my mobile if it's easier to communicate that way.

  2. Hi, Jerome! Glad to see your interest in folding bikes. The authorized distributor of Tern bikes here in the Philippines is Junni. Their showroom is located at Nexor Bldg., 1677 Quezon Ave., West Triangle, QC. You can call them up at 9275441. I don't think they have the Joe D24 on stock but they can order for you. Good luck and I hope to see you around!